You can use physiotherapy through High Five Health Promotion. Our physiotherapists are present daily at the Gym, close to your work. This way you can easily make appointments during office hours. And because the Physiotherapists know the working conditions well, they can often help and advise you more specifically.

If you come in an early stage when you experience pain, you can often prevent a complaint more easily.

Get to know you and inventory

At the first appointment you will meet your physiotherapist and your complaints and lifestyle will be inventoried.

Our physiotherapist would like to get a complete picture so that he can treat you as well as possible. Together we draw up a plan that matches your wishes and your lifestyle.

Make an appointment

Do you have complaints or specific questions about obstacles during exercise? Then quickly make an appointment with one of our physiotherapists. Click on the "contact" button in the menu above.

Note: Most treatments are reimbursed by your insurer.